Riddle of Stars

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The land-rule of Hed passed to Morgon prematurely, when his parents died at sea.  He became one with his rural homeland, his heart and senses bound to its every living creature.  And if he hadn't loved harping and riddlery, he might have remained a farmer all his life.

But Morgon had been born with three stars on his brow, and no one in the High One's realm knew why...

RIDDLE OF STARS is a spell-binding trilogy in one volume, the story of human beings who must face and come to grips with awesome powers and timeless mysteries.  It contains:

The Riddle-Master of Hed.   At the College at Caithnard, men studied the riddles left behind by wizards who'd vanished long ago, hoping to unravel the secrets of the past.  Morgon found the complex lore fascinating, and grew so adept at riddlery that he became Caithnard's youngest master.  Then, scarcely knowing why, he staked his life on a bizarre riddle-game - and won. 

The prize was the hand of beautiful Raederle of An.  But before Morgon could marry her, he met the High One's harpist - a man whose music and mystery drew him inexplicably.  And because of that encounter, Morgon was forced to confront the most puzzling riddle of all:  the harp and the sword with stars that matched those on his face.

Heir of Sea and Fire.   Morgon had disappeared; some said he was dead, although no one knew for sure, and Raederle felt that she'd waited long enough.  It seemed that the only way to learn his fate was to travel to Erlenstar Mountain and ask the High One himself.

The journey was perilous in the best of times, and right now - with part of the realm fighting a war against a cruel, nameless foe - the danger was greatly increased.  But Raederle was a woman of courage and purpose...and, apart from Morgon's death, the only thing she feared was the unexpected stirring of power within herself.

Harpist in the Wind.   The peace of centuries had been shattered.  Land-rulers prepared for war, knowing that their enemy fought in ways no human could match.  It was as if the ancient battles which had once nearly destroyed the realm were about to be reenacted.   And the only hope of averting disaster lay with Morgon of Hed - who had been born to power he did not want...and who feared his destiny even as he turned to meet it, because he knew it might very well bring about the end of his world.



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