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Kyreol, daughter of a Healer, knew that beyond the dangerously swirling rapids of Fourteen Falls lay nothing but darkness...

Newly betrothed, Kyreol still burned with the old, haunting questions.  Where had her mother disappeared to so long ago?  What lay beyond the edge of the world?  And what was the meaning of the Moon-Flash, sign of life and hope to her people?

Then one day the Hunter came to her, a mysterious and powerful stranger who entered her dreams.  Suddenly she knew what she must do.   She must leave home, following the River to the place where the world ends - and then beyond.

She did not yet know that when you leave the world behind, it is forever.

Inside Preview Text:

Finally, when she felt ready to let the River take her, she felt a stone bump her knee.  She put her hand down onto mud and rocks, then pulled herself forward onto the shore and fell asleep.


She opened her eyes, groaning.  The stormy river, the rain and wild lightning flooded through her memory, and she sat up abruptly, remembering where she was.


He had moved away from her to the bank; he was gazing downriver.  They were on a small, sandy wedge of bank, enclosed by jagged cliffs.  The River, spilling down from the Falls, had grown enormous.

"Terje," she whispered.  He couldn't have heard her, but he turned.  His eyes were wide.  Wherever the world ends, they told her silently, it doesn't end at Fourteen Falls...

This book was published in 1984.

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