Harrowing the Dragon



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A fantasist without equal, Patricia A. McKillip has created worlds of intricate beauty and unforgettably nuanced characters.  For twenty-five years, she has drawn readers into her spell, spinning modern-day fables with a grace never before seen.

Now, for the first time, she presents a book of previously uncollected short stories - full of beautiful dragons, rueful princesses, and handsome bards, and written in the gorgeous - and often surprisingly funny - prose she's known for.  This is her world, wrapped up in the finery of fairy tales...

A dragon has held an island in never-ending winter, until a man comes to break its fierce embrace - only to learn the true meaning of wisdom - in "The Harrowing of the Dragon of Hoarsbreath."  The "Lady of the Skulls" lures men with what's most precious to them - and then kills them with it.  "Star-Crossed" portrays the investigation into the deaths of Romeo and Juliet - and illustrates how little the world tolerates true love.  These stories and twelve others are here in a remarkable collection from one of today's most popular and beloved authors.

This book was published in 2005.  It collects these stories into one novel:

The Harrowing of the Dragon of Hoarsbreath

A Matter of Music

A Troll and Two Roses

Baba Yaga and the Sorcerer's Son

The Fellowship of the Dragon

Lady of the Skulls

The Snow Queen

Ash, Wood, Fire

The Stranger


The Lion and the Lark

The Witches of Junket


Voyage into the Heart (written for the 25th World Fantasy Convention booklet)


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